Jibrel Network’s First Fully Regulated Blockchain Powered Private Financing Platform, jibrel.com, Launched

Jibrel Network, the blockchain financial-tech company with its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, has launched “jibrel.com” a day back, which is a new fully regulated blockchain-powered private financing platform. It has recently been brought into the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) RegLab cohort group in the UAE. Jibrel is a blockchain and smart contract development company that brings in the most recent technology to establish future financial networks.

The goal of the Jibrel network is to build open financial systems and growing technologies empowered and capacitated by digitization. Its purpose is to tokenize a wide range of assets which includes debt like bonds and “Sukuk” along with programmable tokenized equities and real estate in a borderless, asset class agnostic manner, which can also be customized for a wide range of cases.

Yazan Barghuthi, co-founder and CEO of Jibrel Network, said,

We are excited to be launching a vertically integrated private lending platform that will take start-ups from inception to maturity. The platform will increase investor transparency, simplify regulatory oversight, and improve liquidity-by providing a streamlined platform to buy, sell and transact startup equity.

The primary motive behind the launch of jibrel.com is to launch its blockchain-powered private funding platform that will provide a channel to investors of all genres to establish a connection with start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This would enable the creation. When blockchain technology is integrated with private financing platforms, the latter is expected to improve remarkably. This is one of the main reasons that private financing has increased manifold over the last ten years or so as they have the potential to change with the utilization of blockchain technology.

This trend indicates a significant growth opportunity in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). The highly skilled tech-savvy youth who wish to see themselves as successful entrepreneurs of the future are being able to set up their new businesses after receiving investor backing. This has been especially observed in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries who are attempting to diversify their economy, which has traditionally been oil-based. Jibrel.com would facilitate a change in the present MENA startup ecosystem with its wide investment base that would be accessible to individuals, venture capital funds and institutional investors. This broad investment pool will increase liquidity and accelerate the growth of the startup sector in the region.

In order to develop its fully regulated blockchain-powered equity financing platform, Jibrel has fixed on Eversheds Sutherland, (which is one of the most well-known legal advisory groups globally, in the financial sector) as an advisor.

Barghuthi further expressed confidence in the ADGM, in terms of its current position being conducive towards providing regulatory support to the private financing project. Talal Tabbaa, co-founder, and COO of Jibrel has also asserted:

We at Jibrel will collaborate on the technological, regulatory and financial spheres to bring real-world equity-on-chain, thus redefining how companies are established, funded and managed- ultimately transforming the global capital markets in the process.

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