Jibrel Alerts Its Users About Social Media Scam Involving Jibrel Wallet’s Name

It is not new for the industry of digital currency to witness cases of scams and Ponzi schemes at a regular interval. The latest scam which has captured the crypto community’s attention is a phishing attack on social media in the name of Jibrel Wallet.

In order to alert its user base in-time, Jibrel took to Twitter on 7th May 2019 to issue an official warning so that the users of its wallet stay safe and don’t fall for the scam.

As per Jibrel, the scam attacks users through social media platforms where the attackers of the scam pose as Jibrel Wallet to send users a false ‘free giveaway’ message. The message tells users that they have won an additional 100% bonus as they are one of the active users. In addition to that, users are also lured with free 5 ETH tokens. To claim the 5 ETH, users are asked to follow a potentially malicious link which further asks users to share their private key if they want to Claim their bonus.

To make things seem authentic to users, the message also lists a few terms and conditions to win the free bonus. The conditions of this phishing attack state that the bonus is available only to those accounts which have a minimum of 3 transactions and if users can’t find an invite to earn the bonus in their dashboard, then they are not eligible. It also assures that the greater balance in the users’ account would provide them with a chance to earn more bonus.

Upon learning about this fresh scam, Jibrel Network came forward immediately to clarify that they have nothing to do with this message. All of it is completely fake, says Jibrel. The network also revealed that they ARE NOT doing any such giveaway and will NEVER ask their users to share their private key. Continuing further, Jibrel asked all its users to stay alert and don’t get fooled by such a message.

For those unaware, Jibrel offers conventional financial assets like equities, currencies, commodities and bonds as standard ERC-20 tokens on the blockchain of Ethereum. Jibrel Wallet or Jwallet, its native wallet, is an institutional grade wallet that makes the management of users’ digital assets easier and more secure. The wallet with its user-friendly and easy interface offers users a secure way of transacting their favourite Ethereum tokens hassle-freely. The wallet is designed in such a way that the users’ data, as well as private keys, only get stored locally and always remain private.

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