Good News for Developers! ConsenSys is Launching ‘Job Kits’

The already booming crypto world is setting structure in place. Now, those developers who are interested in getting into the blockchain space, they will get guidance through a special ‘Job Kit.’ A few days ago, this ‘Job Kit’ is launched by the ETH development studio ConsenSys.

How will this kit support the blockchain aspirants? Well, it will offer a good range of resources which will cover knowledge on skills that will enable the aspirants to find jobs on the blockchain platform. The kit will prepare them to become efficient

Ethereum blockchain and decentralized application dapp (decentralized application) developer.

Those who know computer programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, and Solidity will be able to adapt to the platform’s needs quickly whereas the developers who are strong in computer programming languages such as Go, Rust, Java,.NET, C++, and Ruby will have an added advantage to serve in the backend or protocol development side of the blockchain platform.

In the kit, one can find a good range of important blockchain and cryptography terms that include consensus algorithms, sharding, token standards, and hash functions. Moreover, one can also find links such as Black tribe,, and; that can offer possible jobs for the devs.

According to ConsenSys, blockchain development skills are in great demand. As per the reports, there have been 33 folds boost in the job listing within the last three hundred and sixty-five days. On this ConsenSys said-

 Companies hiring range from small remote teams to VC-funded startups to industry leaders and tech giants.

If we look at the reports by the PwC firm (a professional services firm), around seventy-seven percent of the companies are looking into incorporating solutions that are based on the blockchain technology into their businesses. Whereas on the other hand, as of now, the remaining fourteen percent is not looking forward to include this technology in their businesses.  Another report from Deloitte says that around 67 percent from the developer’s community is optimistic about the blockchain technology.

ConsenSys thinks that when it comes to software developers, the views about the perspectives about blockchain, distributed networks, and web3 is changing quickly. The firm has been contributing to the blockchain industry since quite some time. For instance, two years ago, the firm launched an academy for supporting the developer community for understanding the blockchain tech and related knowledge.

As per the developers at ConsenSys:

It is not all cryptography and distributed systems, there is a need for thousands of non-technical roles ranging from publicists to content creators, community managers, and admin positions.

Earlier this month, there were reports that the firm was seeking to raise 200 Million U.S dollars. On this, the head of ConsenSys Ventures- Kavita Gupta said-

All the investment activities are lining up together, which is great. I will remain on the board of some of the existing companies and help.

In another email she said-

I will be spending a lot of time at Stanford University for the next two years building Distributed Trust Initiative, a platform to form an open dialogue and research on distributed trusted identity and distributed systems.

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