John Mcafee Alleges Sino-US Conspiracy Behind Coronavirus

Coronavirus has become one of the major concerns globally, with more than 100 countries reporting positive tests of more than 126,000 people. As of date, over 4,600 deaths have been reported, and the death toll seems to be rising by the day. While the majority of positive cases and deaths occurred in China, COVID19 is spreading rapidly in other countries as well.

Computer scientist John McAfee, however, claimed that the virus isn’t as deadly as it is perceived to be and that this could be a conspiracy by the Chinese and US Governments. In a video posted on Twitter on Thursday, the McAfeeDEX boss claimed that flu is more dangerous than Coronavirus, arguing that those under quarantine in Northern China are dying because of the freezing temperatures and lack of hydration, which is why the death rate there is 2%.

He said,

“Look at the death rate outside of the cities. It is 0.16%. What’s the death rate from flu type A and B? 0.17%, so it (Coronavirus) is slightly less deadly than the flu. Please God, this is a false flag if there’s ever been one! What might happen, is a crackdown in China of monumental totalitarian proportions, 1984 type shit, where everybody is rounded up. No one’s allowed to talk, no one’s allowed in, no one’s allowed out. Or it may be this is a joint venture (between China and US).”

He accused that the US agreed to support the Chinese government’s story that the Coronavirus is destroying the country if the Chinese agreed to support the US story that Washington also has to implement the draconian rules. “You may not leave your house without permission. You may not talk to anyone without permission. Do you see where this is leading people?” he further added.

Earlier on Monday, he had tweeted that in the five months that of Coronavirus outbreak, about 3800 people have died globally, while the flu killed more than 310,000 people in the same period. He further added that the Coronavirus scare is a manufactured crisis.

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