John McAfee Joins the Advisory Board of Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Provider Burency

Long-standing crypto advocate, John McAfee, has announced that he has joined the advisory board of Burency, a UAE based blockchain development company. The announcement came via a tweet on Thursday, in which McAfee stated that Burency is an awesome blockchain accelerator for business applications.

John McAfee has been a long-time promoter of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and has been advising people to invest more in established projects like Bitcoin. The creator of McAfee antivirus has been at a constant tussle with US authorities, and is on the run for a few years, constantly changing his bases. Despite him promoting crypto and blockchain, McAfee hasn’t been directly involved in the game much, and his involvement with Burency is only his second direct involvement in the crypto-blockchain industry, the first being his infamous involvement with Zombie Coin, which ended in an ugly spat.

Burency is one of the fastest-growing crypto companies from the Middle East, and is one of the only firms to emphasize more on ecosystem development rather than core products. The company has proclaimed on its website that it is a platform which addresses crucial challenges facing crypto and blockchain adoption at large. Burency is growing to be a formidable and credible force in the industry, and is being audited by Deloitte, one of Big Four auditing companies.

What Could This Mean for The Industry?

Despite the fact, McAfee is in the midst of troubled times, more so since the last few months, his software prowess cannot be underestimated. Before the feud, and even now, McAfee is considered to be one of the biggest names in the computer software computing world, especially for security and privacy coding, the two primary motives of a blockchain.


MacAfee joining a young and enthusiastic team like Burency is a positive move for the industry, and the outcomes could be innovative products enhancing blockchain capabilities. Plus, the 74-years-old man’s humongous experience in software manufacturing and marketing could be ultra beneficial for Burency’s customers.

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