John McAfee Lands In London, Mulls Over Running For US President And UK Prime Minister

A famous crypto promoter and Computer scientist, John McAfee has arrived in London, after all the drams back in the Dominican Republic. He was detained last week by the Dominican Republic Armed Forces for carrying high caliber weapons and ammunition. However, since his re-appearance after going dark for a few days, he is back, and with interesting prospects.

The crypto supporter has been on a tussle with authorities for the last few years, and the recent crackdown in the Dominican Republic was yet another example. According to him, the CIA came down to ‘collect’ him, when he escaped in his yacht with arms and was later detained by the DDRAF.

While in detention, McAfee’s close aide and his campaign manager, Rob Loggia-Ramirez informed that the anti-virus software pioneer had disbursed a large amount of data relating to the elites all over the world, which would be released if he wasn’t released. Now that he is out, McAfee has shown hints of exposing Dominican Republic Head of Police, Paul Rolle, who, John claims, is a corrupt official.

Got sleep for the first time since being shaken down by the D.R. government. The man responsible for this is Paul Rolle, the corrupt Bahamian head of police. I earlier outed his secret dealings. They were never investigated by Bahamian authorities. So I will be revealing…

Apart from this, McAfee says that he is mulling over to run for the US Presidential election as well as for the UK’s Prime Minister. In a tweet, he stated that he meets the two important criteria for both major elections. For running for the US Presidential election, one needs to be born on American soil, and McAfee was born in an American army base in England during World War II. And for the UK Prime Ministerial election, one needs to be born in England, which he was!

While still in London, McAfee might face legal action in the UK as well, though only time can tell what the computer scientist is up to!

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