John McAfee Lashes Out at Countries Criticizing US for Mass Shooting, Says They Are No Different

Famous crypto promoter and computer scientist John McAfee is known to speak his heart out without holding back. No matter what the topic is if the controversial crypto promoter feels something about it. On Wednesday, McAfee posted one such video on the recent tragic mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, leaving dozens killed and several injured.

McAfee targeted those countries which are severely criticizing the US for the mass killings, most of which are European countries. He stated that these countries are no different, and mass killings happen everywhere, though not necessarily with guns. While it is legal to hold guns in the United States, it’s not the case in most European countries, which have stringent laws to possess arms and ammunition.

However, McAfee did not justify the killings and somewhat condemned it too. The point he wanted to make is that if Americans are using guns to kill total strangers, some people have taken other means to do the same in Europe. He said,

But in Europe and other places where access to firearms is extremely restricted, they simply use other means. Some majors, (like) the Manchester bombings two years ago in Manchester, England, involved a pressure cooker bomb that killed 23 people and injured 800.

He cited examples of vehicle ramming attacks in France and other regions, citing violence perpetrated by right-wingers, white supremacists, and Muslim extremists. He argued that instead of how debating on how people are committing crimes, it’s more important to understand why are they committing it. He said that until the world has an answer to this why violence cannot be stopped.

McAfee himself carried a bank of firearms along with him until they were seized by the Dominican Republic Armed Forces. The crypto advocate is on the run for a long time, and crossing borders and countries to stay away from the clutches of US authorities.

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