John McAfee Reveals Absolute Privacy Token GHOST Coin

Computer scientist John McAfee recently expanded his crypto ventures by launching GHOST Coin, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, which is available for swaps on McAfeeDEX against Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, etc. GHOST transactions are based on escrow architecture and are verified using zero-knowledge proofs.

McAfee had been one of the fiercest supporters of Bitcoin for years before pulling out late last year. After being the one to predict a million-dollar price point for BTC, the anti-virus pioneer went to say that Bitcoin was the true “shitcoin.”  Ever since he shifted support, McAfee was focusing completely on altcoins and launched a decentralized crypto exchange, McAfeeDEX.

With the launch of GHOST Coin, McAfee intends to up the game of privacy tokens, as practically it would be near to impossible to track down the transactions conducted using GHOST. Crypto users can claim GHOST at launch for free; users will have to hold Switch (ESH) token. As per the website,

“To claim your Ghost at launch (for free), you must be holding ESH token on May 25th. 25% of the GHOST supply will be allocated to ESH token holders. The remaining supply of GHOST is allocated towards proof of stake rewards. You can buy ESH token on IDEX, McAfeeDEX, and Mercatox.”

Known for speaking his mind without mincing words, McAfee has always advocated the importance of financial privacy, which is why he launched the McAfeeDEX last year. With the launch of the GHOST Coin, it is almost a complete circle for McAfee’s project, as a decentralized exchange, along with an absolute privacy-intensive token is the perfect combination to achieve as much financial independence as possible, at least theoretically.

Details of GHOST Coin, however, have not been published yet, and more information is expected to be made available at the launch of May 15.

Trevor Holman

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