John McAfee Now Out of England; Flees to Undisclosed Place

A famous crypto promoter and computer scientist John McAfee‘s current tussle with US authorities don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. After landing in London a couple of days ago, McAfee has already left the country of a ‘completely safe’ place.

In a tweet on Sunday, John stated that the US was searching them in London, but as it was a weekend, paperwork was stalled till Monday.

Last week McAfee was detained by the Dominican Republic Armed Forces, for carrying arms in the yacht. He, his crew, and his wife used to avoid the CIA who were there to “collect” them. After being released, John and Janice McAfee flew to London on Friday, where they stayed till Sunday.

Interestingly, while in London, they were visited by a couple of London based crypto entrepreneurs, who stayed with them on Saturday night. McAfee and his wife are already out of England and are headed towards an undisclosed place which he claims to be completely safe.

McAfee is a long-time supporter of cryptocurrencies and has heavily criticized governments all over the world who are trying to impose strict regulations of ban digital currencies. He was among the first to criticize US President Donald Trump over his remarks on crypto and Bitcoin alleging that, cryptocurrencies are a tool for anti-social activities like drug trafficking and money laundering.

Interestingly, McAfee is also the US presidential candidate for the next year’s general elections. While in London, he was also mulling over the thought of running for the UK’s Prime Ministerial election, as he fulfills conditions in both countries. Though it might just be a lighter thought, McAfee’s life at large has been nothing short of an intense Hollywood action drama movie. In a recent tweet sharing an article on his high-octane life, he said,

John has succeeded in becoming what many Hollywood icons only play at being.

I’ve been saying it for years. Tom Cruise has got nothing on me. Except, maybe, good looks, charisma, physical prowess, more women than God and a good agent.”

Scott Cook

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