John Mcafee Promotes Beatzcoin As One Of The Best, Says Bears Are Gone, Bulls Are Back

John McAfee has been quite straightforward with his opinions, without holding back words even on the most controversial matters. His recent tussle with Craig Wright is just another example of the fact.

However, apart from just being a critic, McAfee happens to be one of the fiercest promoters of cryptocurrencies and has been voicing for crypto adoption for years. He is also known for his honest views on various crypto projects, whether he considers them legit or spam. BeatzCoin is one such token, which he has been supporting for quite some time.

McAfee tweeted on Thursday evening that investing BeatzCoin is one of the best investment opportunities, even for small investors. He also stated that the bear market is over, and bulls are back. BeatzCoin is currently in the final period of its pre-sale, and McAfee has urged his audience to spend a few cents on the token.

BeatzCoin is the native cryptocurrency of VibraVid platform, which is focused on redesigning the way users consume digital content while increasing the revenue potential of content creators. It enables users to earn and spend revenue in a while consuming content created by artists, in a fair system, which focuses on users and creators. BeatzCoin fuels the platform by allowing creators and users to exchange the peer-to-peer tokens, for goods and services, and prizes and bounties.


As for McAfee’s claim of bull market returning, well, it seems to be true. The bearish trends, which gripped the market in early January of 2018, continued to wreak havoc for over a year till February earlier this year. However, since February, the markets seem to recover, with Bitcoin doubling its value in the last 8-10 weeks. Most experts have stated that BTC will touch the $20,000 mark once again by the end of 2019. This clearly indicates that bulls are back indeed.

Roxanne Williams

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