John McAfee Promotes BeatzCoin IEO on, says Blockchain Can Empower Artists

Computer scientist John McAfee posted a video on Twitter, stating that blockchain technology can empower artists and musicians. In his tweet on Tuesday, McAfee spoke about the upcoming BeatzCoin IEO on Probit crypto exchange, from 30th September. BeatzCoin will empower the VibraVid platform to “liberate countless artists and reward them for their work.”

John McAfee has been a longstanding proponent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and frequently shares his views and opinions on Twitter. McAfee is one of the fiercest critics of governments and propagates people to adopt crypto to liberate themselves from the clutches of government control, which he earlier termed as “slavery.”

In the video posted, McAfee said,

Art and music are the expressions of the artist’s soul and heart in many cases. It allows us to feel, to see and experience the inner life of another human being, in astonishing ways. Music ensues the soul, motivates the feet, helps you in romance, a powerful influence in human society, which has been with us since the beginning of time and the invention of drums.

McAfee further added that in the last ten years, video and media streaming services like YouTube have severely impacted the artist’s income and their ability to feed themselves sufficiently, which would allow them to make art.

Art used to be funded by Patreon, or buyers of works, or producers, but now, the artist gets little or nothing.

McAfee suggested that the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies can give the power back to the artists and VibraVid is such one platform. It is powered by BeatzCoin, IEO of which begins at the end of this month. The on-the-run software stalwart has been the pioneer of privacy in the industry and has made a valid statement, as though the income of platforms like YouTube, Netflix, etc. have grown, the artist itself hasn’t increased proportionately.

BeatzCoin (BTZC) focuses on providing sustainable and fair revenue to artists and could precisely be what artists, especially budding musicians need to boost their income. BTZC is based on the Tron blockchain protocol; it will power VibraVid, a decentralized streaming platform, which challenges the like of YouTube.

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