John McAfee Released From Detention By Dominican Republic Armed Forces, Tweets Pictures

John McAfee, the famous crypto promoter and computer scientist had gone missing for the last couple of few days, as per his campaign manager and close aide Rob Loggia-Ramirez. Rob, using McAfee’s Twitter handle, had warned that if McAfee weren’t traced and sent back, several hidden data with the scientist’s associates across the globe would be released.

However, with an update later in the day, Rob tweeted that McAfee, his wife Janice, and their crew had been located, and were alive. As per reports, McAfee was detained in confinement by the Dominican Republic Armed Forces for carrying high caliber weapons in his yacht.

McAfee has had troubles with US authorities and has been on the run for about seven years. He has been a long-time supporter of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech and severely criticized authorities trying to regularize or ban digital currencies. A few days ago, he tweeted that the CIA was planning to ‘collect’ him, had posted pictures of him and his wife carrying assault rifles.

Nonetheless, McAfee finally resumed his Twitter control and posted a picture with the officials from the Dominican Republic. He stated they were helpful and treated him well.

Running for the US Presidential election, McAfee considers Bitcoin and crypto to be the future of the monetary system and was among the strong critics on the current President, Donald Trump’s comment on Bitcoin. Though his return is a relief for his supporters, it still needs to be ascertained why did the CIA try to catch him.

However, as Rob earlier said, McAfee has a lot of friends across the globe, which are quite powerful, and they won’t let McAfee go down. Moreover, the elites, against whom McAfee claims to possess vital data, would presumably make sure that he stays out.

Roxanne Williams

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