John McAfee Says Blockchain Technology is of the People and Should Remain for the People

Computer scientist John McAfee has been a staunch critic of the traditional elites and the government for a very long time. However, he has been equally, if not more, supportive of the crypto-blockchain revolution. He has been advocating and supporting the use of crypto and blockchain technology, with the sole intention evading the nexus of control and interference created by the administration.

Taking his stance a notch higher, John McAfee tweeted on Thursday that people must decide on Blockchain, as it is a technology of the people, and for the people. He wrote, “Do we bow to the corrupt system we are trying to escape, or do we do the right thing for our species?”

McAfee belongs to the faction, which believes that the industry must remain in the hands of common people, and should remain away from the control of the administration. Advocates of distributed decentralized ledgers have time and again stated that blockchain could completely liberate people from the clutches of the government and help us take control over our lives.

However, if blockchain goes in the hands of the administration, the dream of having total privacy will never be materialized, and this is what McAfee and like-minded individuals have propagated. This is why McAfee and several other crypto-blockchain experts lashed out at governments who have tried to interfere and regulate

cryptocurrency, like the way India, China, US, etc. are doing. It is evident from the recent events, which turned on after the unveiling of Facebook’s Libra coin that the government wants complete control over the decentralized economy, and this is what McAfee is opposing.

McAfee himself is on the run for quite a few years, and several authorities, mostly related to tax evasion, are on the hunt for him. Nonetheless, the point he has raised is an important one, and it struck a chord with the crypto-blockchain enthusiasts, who took little to comment and show their support.

Scott Cook

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