John McAfee Shifts to New “Safe House”

The hostilities between John McAfee and agencies of the United States of America are not a new thing to report. The founder of the McAfee antivirus figures prominently in the fugitive list of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the US.

Change of Location:

According to the latest reports, Bitcoin Supporter John McAfee is again on the run as his previous location was publicly exposed to investigative agencies. John tweeted that he, along with his wife and McAfee team has to shift to a new house in a new country as his previous location has been exposed. Just so you know, John McAfee is known for his uninhibited views on the central agencies and government establishments. He is also a staunch supporter of the cryptocurrency and often suggests different ways about investing in initial coin offerings (ICOs) and other allied things. After John tweeted about his decision of shifting to a new home, many on Twitter responded back in full support for his endeavors. In fact, folks tweeted that they are willing to arrange a safe and secure location for him in Canada while some others invited him to Switzerland, the country which is also known as the crypto valley.

China Zombie Project:

Just on the last weekend, John announced on the Twitter that he has accepted to play an important role in the “China Zombie project” and will be acting as one of the board members on this assignment. The Zombie Coin will be a digital asset, and John was preparing a white paper on this project when his location was publicly exposed. Although there is no direct correlation between these two events, the development has assumed significance as each, and every activity of John is closely monitored by agencies. Experts and analysts agree that John has very effectively utilized the Twitter platform to convince people that he has been persecuted by the hands of government agencies; something that American journalist and novelist Ernest Hemingway weren’t able to do in his time.

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