John McAfee Speaks About Crypto and Government Taxes in The Block Runner Podcast

Crypto scientist John McAfee appeared on The Block Runner Podcast, a fairly new crypto-blockchain YouTube channel. In half an hour-long interview, McAfee spoke deep about various topics, right from his early days as the cybersecurity expert, to constitutional legitimacy of income taxes and Artificial Intelligence.

At first, he spoke about how he got into developing anti-virus software and went on to become the pioneer of the segment. He said that back in 1987, computer viruses were few and rare, and he was fascinated with how software could be written to infect other systems and cause the troubles intended. He narrated an interesting story of how his elder brother was reading a newspaper article about how two brothers from Pakistan, Basit Farooq Alvi and Amjad Farooq Alvi, created the first computer virus called Brain, way back in 1986.

McAfee also took the interview as a chance to reiterate his stance on the tax system and again termed it unconstitutional. He stated that people work for about 2–3 or even four months per year to pay the government, which he says, is the modern version of serfdom. He argued that people must have liberty over their income, the way they had before 1913 when the income tax was first introduced.

When asked about what opportunities does he see in the crypto space, McAfee was quick to state that people must view as an opportunity to free themselves, rather than as a way to become rich. He accused the authorities of conspiring to make people believe that crypto can make them money, which will ultimately cause unrest. Interestingly, he gave the example of the casinos from Las Vegas, and how people lose their money. He said,

“Do you know how much money people lose in Vegas? They just get sucked into the notion of making through luck, which is one of the greatest inducers.”

McAfee has been a strong proponent of cryptocurrencies and views it as a means of liberating one’s self from the clutches of the government-controlled monetary systems. Recently, he launched McAfee DEX – A decentralized crypto exchange, which has a low processing time and fees. McAfee also spoke about other things like Artificial Intelligence, and the alleged suicide of Jeffery Epstein. He stated that he is aware that Epstein was murdered in his cell, and because he wanted to keep the argument alive, he launched the WHACKD token. He further admitted that WHACKD token is a joke currency.

When the interviewer asked McAfee about what he thinks about Artificial Intelligence, and that Elon Musk says he fears it, the computer scientist second the thought. He said,

“I am more fearful of AI than Elon, as I am more experienced in this thing. We are inviting a big danger, which sadly is inevitable.”

He stated that the human mind created it, and all human beings have some other negative attributes like enviousness, suspicious, malice, anger, etc., which puts the artificial intelligence in danger of inheriting these things, and whoever denies this doesn’t know what intelligence is.

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