John McAfee Withdraws Support for GHOST Token

Computer scientist and anti-virus pioneer John McAfee announced on Wednesday that he had withdrawn his support for the GHOST token, which was supposedly his brainchild. In his tweet, he said that the Ghost Phone Service is the foundation of their ecosystem and that they will replace GHOST with another privacy coin.

McAfee had revealed the GHOST token in April 2020, and it was positioned as an absolute privacy coin. The token was expected to be a revolutionary step in the direction of financial independence, which McAfee has advocated for a very long time. The token doesn’t require any KYC, and anyone can use it from anywhere in the world.

Since then, McAfee had been regularly promoting the token, which is why the fallout comes as a big surprise. It was only last week that the computer scientist said that he had dedicated all his life to creating a ground-breaking ecosystem with GHOST Coin, Ghost Exchange, and the Ghost Phone.

GHOST token has released their official statement on John McAfee withdrawing his support, in which they said that they would be dropping the “by John McAfee” in their name soon. The team also said that McAfee was never involved in any day-to-day operations of the project or technical development of the token. They added that the project would continue its roadmap for 2020, calling McAfee a “loose cannon,” and that GHOST was much bigger than one person.

John McAfee blamed the GHOST management team, and Josh Case in particular, for being incapable of making the project a success, adding that the project will definitely fail. He called the project bullshit and said that he could not support it. McAfee also apologized to those people who were “led astray” and invested in GHOST.

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