John McAfee’s Partnership with Wavesbet Will Take the Gambling Platform to New Heights

On 2nd September, Wavesbet announced on its official Twitter handle about the partnership with John McAfee. The Wavesbet team is very excited to welcome McAfee on board. The landmark partnership will bring in great advancements for the platform as well as the overall gaming industry, believe gaming experts like Mintdice.

John McAfee is considered a cryptocurrency guru based on his vast experience in the field, and not only this there are reports about his candidacy for the 2020 U.S. presidential elections.

Wavesbet, on the other hand, is a blockchain-powered online casino. It is an online betting platform where the user, through the Waves Network, can use smart contracts to place their bets. Given it is based on the blockchain technology; it is a completely transparent platform. The vision of the platform as they state is to have “Fairness and Transparency.” Wavesbet is also looking into developing a platform that will make use of the combined opportunities from the cryptocurrency industry and the gambling industry.

On the other hand, a few days ago, John McAfee, was reported to shift his base to an entirely new country. The reason behind this move was that the previous house where he and his family were living got exposed to the investigative agencies. Therefore, he along with his wife and team made a move.


He is known for his frank opinions on the central agencies and govt. Establishments. His strong faith in the cryptocurrency and long experience in the investments related to the ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) look promising when it comes to the partnership with Wavesbet. When John announced his decision on moving his base, he got support from many twitter users. The supporters even offered to arrange for a secure place in Canada, a safe dwelling for him and his family in the crypto valley- Switzerland.

Roxanne Williams

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