Join Renown World Experts Discussing the Future of Blockchain in the Public Sector at Blockwalks 2019

On October 10, 2019, at Bratislava Castle in Slovakia, BLOCKWALKS will hold its second annual European conference where the world’s top experts in smart technology, blockchain, and Internet of Things will gather with top-level government officials to debate the latest and future applications of blockchain technology in the public sector, through keynote speeches, dynamic discussions, and workshops.

Michal Blaško, Lead Organiser of BLOCKWALKS, says,

BLOCKWALKS aims to continue unravelling the immense potential of blockchain technology regarding its usage in the public sector by promoting an ongoing dialogue on how blockchain will affect government administrations and ultimately the livelihood of the citizens through smart solutions.

The importance of this conference can be seen from the rapid growth of blockchain and its recent applications in countries such as Estonia, Denmark, and Japan. These countries have successfully implemented blockchain within the delivery of public sector services, such as within their voting systems, to combat fraud and facilitate its process making it more efficient, encouraging transparency, and therefore, public trust.

Last year, BLOCKWALKS attracted more than 300 attendees, including government officials from 10 European countries. This year, BLOCKWALKS boasts the following speakers:

  • Michael Gebert – the chairman and the founding member of the European Blockchain Association, an organization that supports corporations, start-ups, venture capitalists, and scientific institutes working with blockchain technology.
  • Marten Kaevats – the National Digital Advisor in the Government Office of Estonia, or unofficially, the Chief Innovation Officer of Estonia.
  • Andrew Keen – the executive director of FutureCast, Mr. Keen is also one of the world’s best known and controversial commentators on the digital revolution and the publisher of four books, including an international hit.
  • Lukas Hatala – the CTO responsible for Eastern Europe at DXC Technology and the Director of International Affairs at Blockchain Slovakia.
  • Anouk Pinchetti – the technologist and educator, who has designed and built complex IT systems for over two decades, and now develops and delivers training programs for the Blockchain Centre, the New Money Institute, and the Intraverse Institute.
  • Stefan Junestrand – the CEO of Spain’s leading Media Company, specialized in providing information and knowledge about sustainability, energy and new technologies for buildings and cities.
  • Jerome Grilleres – the General Manager of Europe at VeChain,  holding over 15 years of experience in the Finance industry, working for Goldman Sachs and Barclays Bank.
  • Alexander Knoll – the 14-year-old founder and CEO of the Ability App, an app that helps people with disabilities navigate public spaces, find services and employment.

Come and join the dialogue at Bratislava Castle on October 10 and start futureproofing your public sector services and cities. Learn more about BLOCKWALKS 2019, and get your tickets today by visiting

Trushti Patel

Trushti Patel is a news writer and a regular contributor to CryptoNewsZ. She always stays up-to-date with the latest happenings regarding the world of crypto. She is also sound in technical analysis.

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