Jordan Belfort, the real wolf of wall street rumored to hold LINK, BTCS, and ETH on his ledger

Investing in stocks and cryptocurrency requires much knowledge before joining the bandwagon. It is evident in Jordan Belfort, who is dubbed the real Wolf of wall street. Jordan took control of a marketing penny project, dumping after a surge earning him millions. Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently on his radar. Could they be part of a dropdown? Bitcoin Spark is considered an alternative for the two most significant virtual currencies. The platform will create massive traction in the blockchain ecosystem.

Chainlink price prediction

Every year, crypto analysts take action to seek possible prices for Chainlink. The digital asset may gradually improve in the course of 2024. This is due to the imminent bull market that faces the crypto market. The native currency of the project is LINK, which is used for governance. Users who acquire LINK can become members of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), where they have the power to make decisions on behalf of the platform.

What did Jordan Belfort do?

Jordan Belfort is an entrepreneur who convinced investors to join penny projects. Once the project has gained traction to the point of development, Jordan then communicates to his workers to downgrade the project where he makes millions. The entrepreneur later pleaded guilty to defrauding his clients. This led to the creation of the Wolf of wall street film based on his life story.

Bitcoin Spark’s ICO sparks the crypto community

The Web3 industry has been pertinent to the rise of various economies, including the United States of America. Several investors have joined the community during the plummeting season and are set to gain profit in the imminent bull market. To avoid the fear of missing out, blockchain natives are advised to invest in a project at its initial stages. Bitcoin Spark is an emerging platform that aims to improve decentralized finance by providing distinct revenue generation methods.

The platform utilizes a proof-of-process consensus mechanism that integrates Bitcoin’s proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and Ethereum’s proof-of-work. There is an additional system specialized in promoting the linear distribution of rewards. The system will enhance the project’s scalability, security, and speed. Bitcoin Spark leverages the ledger technology in having a unique governance model in revolutionizing how individuals view the DeFi community.

Bitcoin Spark App

Users in the community will utilize BTCS ( gas token) for transactions. BTCS will also be used to reward community participants who participate in the project’s development. The maximum supply of the token is 21 million. Individuals who want to join the community will do so by purchasing the token. The project is in the ICO phase 1, and each BTCS token is selling for $1.50. Participants will also receive a 20% bonus for all purchases from the team as a token of appreciation for their early involvement. In addition, they will have an 800% profit during the launch period on 30th November. 


Individuals who look to have massive returns on their invested capital should look into Bitcoin Spark’s utility and potential surge. The project will take over blockchain technology with its purposeful manifestation and applied functionalities in providing abundant sources of income. Some of its traits, such as revenue generation and strategic marketing, will enhance its traction and boost its development in the Web3 arena. Bitcoin Spark also aims to solve problems existing in Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

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