JR Kyushu to offer NFTs on Astar Network

Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu), which is a segment of the biggest railway network in Japan, has come forward with its official announcement that it will be releasing NFTs on the Astar Network. This is a multi-chain smart contract platform that operates with the service’s collaboration of PRO Co. Ltd. JR Kyushu is responsible for the operations of interrail services in Kyushu, along with various other verticals it is involved in, such as hotels, as well as stand-alone restaurants and drug stores. It takes credit for the fact that over 331 million people avail of its services. 

The Astar Network is undoubtedly the most sought-after smart contract platform in Japan. It helps by backing EVM, as well as Web Assembly (Wasm) arenas and interoperability that exists between them, with the help of a cross-virtual mechanism. The tools and languages present in the Astar Network are something the developers are much acquainted with. It also has the backing of Polkadot.  

However, as Astar’s Build2Earn program is concerned, it has been created with the vision of being able to contribute to the overall growth of the network and, at the same time, release rewards for all of the active participants, as well as the developers. It also provides the opportunity for developers to be able to obtain incentives for themselves through the creation and management of their decentralized applications.

The JR Kyushu NFT project will be kick-started as early as the month of July 2023. Through this, the opportunity will be provided for riders to be able to view the train journey experience from an altogether different perspective. In order to be able to effectively back the NFTs, they will be using the help of Astar Network, which in turn will offer fewer fees, as well as a greater amount of upgradability. As per their plans, they will be utilizing the NFT technology for being able to offer paraphernalia, as well as proof of visits, traveling, and making use of their systems in the case of visitors. 

According to the Founder of Astar Network, Sota Watanabe, they are very excited about the fact that more and more people will be scouring, as well as utilizing the NFTs for connecting better with their customers. In his opinion, this occurrence will indeed be a landmark because of the fact that it will bring blockchain technology and connect it with railway operations. 

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