Juno Collaborates With Polygon

Rapid on-ramps to USDC are now supported by Juno App and Juno Pay on Polygon, the ETH-based scalability solution for web3 apps. Users will have one of the greatest experiences viewing web3 on Polygon thanks to their agreement.

To earn, invest, and invest both fiat money and cryptocurrency, Juno offers a bank account. USDC on Polygon is now supported by Juno App. On the Polygon network, you can use Juno to buy, sell, send, or receive USDC at no cost.

  • Sign in with your current Juno account or register for a new one.
  • Instantly convert money from your checking account to USDC on Polygon.
  • To get started, enter your Polygon wallet address.

Users can purchase USDC on Polygon utilizing Cash App or Venmo at the lowest costs using Juno Pay. The Polygon Bridge version of Juno Pay is already operational and has already been linked with Shapeshift, Bancor, and Frontier Wallet.

  • Insert your Polygon wallet address and the quantity you wish to purchase.
  • Sign in with your current Juno account or register a new one.
  • Send money via a debit card, ACH transfer, or Cash App, or Venmo.

If you’re a developer creating a wallet or dApp for the Polygon ecosystem and want to integrate Juno pay quickly for user enrollment, you can do it in under fifteen min.

The Block Producers in The Polygon Network, a high-throughput blockchain, are chosen by stakeholders at each checkpoint to provide consensus. Multiple transactions can now be processed in less than three seconds, thanks to Polygon’s sidechain technique.

1.8 billion payments were being handled on Polygon at the time of writing. Every day, users of Polygon save, on average, $140 million in gas costs.

An early look at some of Polygon’s scaling options:

  • Faster speed and cost reductions with Polygon PoS thanks to safe side chains.
  • Polygon Edge is a framework for creating public or private blockchain networks that are compatible with Ethereum.
  • The hybrid optimistic-ZK rollup for decentralized, effective, and safe commercial transactions is Polygon Nightfall.

Polygon is a building block. For individuals who want to create, test, and deploy web3 applications, Polygon is a true enabler by lowering the entry barrier and providing tools, information, and communities. As many as 619 apps were either created with Polygon or developed as per the recent DeFi news data.

The ecosystem of Polygon is comparable to a honeycomb; it is a thoughtfully constructed network with something for everyone who is enthusiastic about web3 and thrives on community involvement. A user-friendly, reliable, and compatible gateway to cryptocurrency and web3 is being developed by Juno. 


Banking is made simpler for crypto natives by Juno. Juno’s simplicity of use, combined with Polygon’s affordability and web3 ecosystem, make it the quickest and most frictionless option to transfer your assets to crypto and web3 for no cost.

Users of Polygon have a lot of exciting alternatives at their disposal. Large companies use Polygon’s tech to recognize artists and their work through NFT-friendly initiatives, like Adidas and Facebook. With Juno’s user friendly, quick, and crypto-friendly system, all you need to take advantage of web3 is a checking account.

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