JUST and BitTorrent Join Hands, Multiple Bilateral Moves Lined Up

TRON Network-based blockchain platforms JUST and BitTorrent have entered into a collaboration. The DeFi focused JUST network will now be built on BitTorrent’s BTFS protocol. Also, users will now be able to use BTT token to generate USDJ, the stablecoin of the JUST network, and also for JST yield farming.

JUST is one of the leading networks focused on building an infrastructure for the decentralized finance sector. It allows users’ participation in the governance of the network via the USDJ stablecoin. BTT, on the other hand, is focused on building a decentralized internet where users will be able to move and exchange information freely with utmost security.

Earlier this month, JUST also entered into a collaboration with blockchain gaming and entertainment network WINk, which is also based on TRON’s TRC20 protocol. Also, JUST network’s JustSwap, the testnet of which went live just about a few days ago, became the first token exchange protocol to be built on the TRON Network.

BitTorrent, however, has witnessed an understated year so far, though it made certain significant moves in 2020. If you want to know more about BitTorrent & its value, you can read more here to learn more.

In February, BTT Token went live on Poloniex exchange, and also announced the feature to run DLive videos directly on the BTT app on the Android platform.

The collaboration between BitTorrent and JUST could be a major boost to the DeFi industry. The interchain exchange will allow users of both the platforms to benefit from each other, as JUST will give BTT users a chance to engage in DeFi governance. In return, JUST users will be able to make use of BitTorrent’s robust and legendary internet information exchange system.

Trevor Holman

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