Justin SUN Announces Observation List for SUN Mining Pool Community

TRON Co-founder and CEO Justin SUN announced the observation list of the SUN mining pool community that serves as the reference for mining pool listing. In a Twitter thread posted on Sunday, Justin stated that SUN holders will use their tokens to vote and govern the community for setting up new mining pools. The first batch under observation of the mining pool includes TRON protocol tokens like PEARL, DICE, and JFI, and non-TRON cryptos like BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, LTC, STEEM and XRP. 

The SUN token is dedicated towards building and developing a DeFi ecosystem for the TRON Network. The crypto designed for the TRON governance is wholly owned by the community, giving its members the complete right to govern and operate it for the development of TRON DeFi, without interference from VCs or PEs. 

In a Medium post, TRON stated that the SUN will work towards building unity among global crypto communities by cooperating with the JUST team and various other crypto exchanges, and will serve as a cross-chain channel between external assets and TRON network. TRON also informed that the platform will go live on September 16, 2020, while the SUN genesis block mining already began on September 02. 


Initially established on the Ethereum protocol, TRON has grown to become one of the biggest independent blockchain networks in the world. Considering the growing demand for DeFi and the giant strides major blockchain companies are taking in the segment, the launch of SUN mining pool will serve as an important step for TRON, as it will allow the community to choose from a number of premium assets for crypto staking. However, it is worth noting that tokens under observation may or may not enter the mining pool.

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