Justin Sun Happy With China’s Decision to End Lockdown in Wuhan

Justin Sun, the TRON spearhead and a renowned business personality of the crypto industry, showed his overwhelmingness while announcing that China is all set to end the lockdown on Wuhan imposed earlier to control the spread of COVID-19. He released a chain of tweets on his official Twitter handle to share the celebratory news with his global TRON community members.

On March 24, 2020, the Chinese authorities released a statement confirming the removal of the two-month-long lockdown period of the severely corona affected region of Hubei province at midnight. The sudden fall in the corona infection cases has made the government took the strategic decision. However, the epicenter of the corona pandemic, Wuhan, where the outbreak started in December-end, will be under lockdown until April 8. The authorities passed the lockdown order in the middle of the night on January 23, 2020, barring people from leaving or entering the region.

Justin Sun is happy that China has been successful in controlling the pandemic through proper relief operations. He mentioned that he got the news about COVID-19 spread 55 days back and has kept a vigilant eye on the situation since then. The TRON community sent a shipment of medical supplies to China to aid the doctors in their relief operations. Earlier, through a tweet, Justin affirmed that all his employees working in Wuhan are safe from the disease and are in a healthy state. His tweet mentioned that he urged his team to follow the instructions given by the WHO and the government, such as washing hands at regular intervals, using sanitizers, and promoting social distancing religiously.

The spearhead gave an applaud to the Chinese authorities, doctors, nurses, and other service providers for being positive and courageous in a dire situation like this. He promised to continue his efforts and commitment to the global community as now the disease has spread on a worldwide scale.

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