Justin Sun Might Call Off High Profile Charity Lunch with Warren Buffett

The drama around Justin Sun’s Power of One Lunch with Warren Buffett doesn’t seem to stop, as a new report suggests that TRON chief might cancel his date. The report suggests that Sun was detained by Chinese authorities, who agreed to release him only on the condition of canceling the lunch date.

Sun acquired the chance of having a lunch date with the billionaire investor after paying $4.57 million via a charity auction for GLIDE Foundation. Since then, he has taken efforts to bring big players of the crypto industry on the lunch to convince the Berkshire Hathaway CEO, who has been a staunch critic for cryptocurrencies. Buffett has, time and again, severely criticized Bitcoin, sometimes calling it ‘rat poison squared,’ while sometimes comparing it to the button on his suit.

The drama started when Tron Foundation informed that the lunch had been postponed due to a medical emergency, as Sun is suffering badly of kidney stones, and was admitted to the hospital. However, a Chinese business news portal claimed a couple of days ago that Justin Sun was in mainland China, and not in Frisco. The media house also claimed that TRON is involved in illegal fundraising, a claim which Sun rubbished on his Weibo handle.

The new report alleges that many from the TRON’s project have been detained by the Chinese authorities, who said to be released only on the condition that Sun pulls off from the lunch. What’s even strange is that the TRON chief has apologized on his Weibo account, and stated that it was immature of him to over-promote the event with Buffett. Just for context, Sun tweeted a few days ago that something big was coming up along with the lunch, which, quite frankly, was not necessarily required.

In his post on Weibo, Sun mentions that he regrets excessive promotion, which has caused several grave consequences which did not expect earlier. As per reports, after his announcement of the lunch last month, Sun’s company, and many of his employees have come under heavy investigation from authorities.


So at present, it seems highly unlikely that the lunch date between Sun and Buffett will materialize, though there hasn’t been the direct announcement of cancellation. Will this affect TRON’s price, while can’t be said with conviction that it’s because of the lunch cancellation rumors, the token has already lost about 16% since the announcement of postponement.

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