Justin Sun Opens Up on the Charity Lunch with Warren Buffett

Justin Sun finally had his moment with billionaire investor Warren Buffett, when the infamous Power of One Charity Lunch, for which he paid over $4.5 million via an auction bid, saw the light on January 23. The high-profile lunch was in the news for several weeks last year, until it was abruptly canceled after reports of a crackdown on the TRON team in China by Chinese authorities.

In reality, one of the major reasons for the crackdown was the over-promotion of the lunch by Sun, who went on to invite several famous personalities, including US President Donald Trump.

However, a number of months after the cancellation, the lunch has finally happened, albeit secretly. As per a recent announcement by the TRON chief, he had his lunch date with Buffett at Happy Hollow Club in Omaha, Nebraska. Opening up about the event, Justin Sun shared a post on Medium describing his experience with the Berkshire Hathaway CEO.

As per the post, the 28-year-old entrepreneur presented the old man quite a few unique gifts, which included a bronze horse figurine, a paper cutting of the Year of the Mouse, a set of plates with TRON logo and matching chopsticks, a copy of Sun’s book “Brave New World,” and a TRON Blockchain embedded Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

Sun said that he apologized to Buffett for delaying the lunch in the first place, to which the 88-year-old investment king expressed his pleasure that they were finally meeting. He also stated that though he paid a high amount to win the auction bid at $4.5 million, he would have gone up to $10 million if it was required. He said,

“Mr. Buffett followed up and asked me, how much was your budget for the auction? I said, “10 million USD.” Mr. Buffett asked was it you or the team handling the bid. I said, “my team was closely monitoring everything, but I was the one handling it.”

You can read Justin Sun’s entire post here.

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