Justin Sun Promises 50K TRX Giveaway; The Limited Offer Ends on September 20th!

The Founder of TRON and the current CEO of BitTorrent – Justin Sun, has recently announced the exciting giveaways of 50,000 TRX Campaign. TRON is planning to expand its Telegram community, and this campaign is just apt for the cause.

Let us walk you into the nitty-gritty of the giveaway campaign. The Founder of Tron has announced that 1,200,000 U.S. Dollars will be given away in the form of UBI in the next year’s giveaways scheme. Such campaigns are excellent to rope in new users to the platform and stir the excitement in the existing ones and keep them loyal and interested. It has been observed that the crypto platform has been indulging into such promotional campaigns quite a lot in recent times. Also, as per reports, there will be prizes that will sum up to about 50K TRX. These prizes are exclusively reserved for the Telegram group.

The TRON founder posted about this campaign on his official Twitter page recently where he encouraged new users to join the campaign. He also suggested them to ‘invite their friends’ to join the crypto platform’s official Telegram group. The scheme revolves around the concept that the more people one can get to participate in the campaign, the higher the number of TRX one will get. Basically the crypto platform is giving away the TRX for joining their official Telegram Group.

Prizes to join the TRON Telegram Group!

The 50K TRX will be offered to the new user as prizes as a mark of great beginning in the TRON ecosystem. As per the announcement, there will be three winning spots for the participants. They are as follows-

  • 5,000 TRX,
  • 2,500 TRX, and
  • 1,250 TRX.

The reaming people who will not be able to fall under the above three categories, don’t have to feel disheartened. They will be sharing the remaining amount of 32,500 TRX, as per sources.

What is the deadline for these Giveaways?

The TRON promotional campaign giveaways will be offered till tomorrow, i.e. 20th September. So hurry up and claim your prize soon, before the prizes get finished.

The Next Big Step:

Well, the campaign is exciting in itself, but there is more to look forward As per sources, the CEO of Tron is planning to offer the give away of 100K U.S. Dollars every month. That can be seen taking place from next year.

Some say that the CEO is promising this give away due to political reasons involved. Some reports speculate that the CEO of Tron has taken inspiration from Andrew Yang, who is a United States Presidential Candidate. Sun got inspired based on Yang’s plans to offer 1000 U.S. Dollars to ten U.S. citizens on every month basis in the year of 2020. Sun also was found posting his source of inspiration on Twitter recently, where he first mentioned Yang’s 2020’s initiative, and based on that in the continuum; he said that he “pledges UBI to 1K U.S. Dollars to 100 people every month in the year 2020.” He further added that out of these 100 shortlisted people; He would select one to attend lunch with him and Warren Buffett in the coming year. Moreover, he will be considering Yang’s opinions in shortlisting the hundred lucky people for TRON’s 2020 promotional campaign.

The charitable lunch between Buffett and Sun has received a lot of attention in the past, due to Sun’s inclination to convince Buffett about the greatness of the cryptocurrency and the potential of the crypto industry overall. What’s strange in it? Well, the thing that makes this situation interesting is that Buffett, the living legend of the investment industry is highly critical of the crypto industry, and that is why it is a big feat to achieve for Sun. On the other hand, Sun was recently found insisting on rescheduling the charitable lunch.

Also recently, the CEO of Tron announced about the 100,000 TRX giveaway. This giveaway was seen in the last year. These were given away on the occasion of the launch of TVM which stands for- Tron Virtual Machine.

Trevor Holman

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