Justin Sun Shares Infographic Image of His Live Streaming, Includes Major Announcements Made


Justin Sun live-streamed a series of important announcements and also reflected on important aspects of TRON’s journey. Later, he shared an infographic image on Twitter, which contained important aspects and the summary of his entire talk.

The image Sun shared had broadly six main points, viz., Evolution of TRON Protocol, SUN Network Official Launch, Debut in Blockchain Interoperability & Cross-Chain Communication, TRON Anonymous Token, One-Click Blockchain Development Project, Strengthen Bonds With Mainstream Exchanges Around The World.

In the first point, Evolution of TRON Protocol, the image speaks about the transformation of TRON from conventional delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), to a more modern and hybrid version of DPoS. The first point also emphasizes on the importance of promoting the staking system for a broader governing environment, incentives for ecosystem’s contributors, and encouraging people to take part in TRON Network governance.

Regarding the SUN Network, the image states,

SUN Network will be launched on September 25. TRON Foundation will first run a demo DAPPChain to attract greater community participation in sidechain governance, then encourage community members to gradually build more authentication chains, creating a scalable, low-cost, and prosperous ecosystem.

TRON has faced a lot of flak in the recent past, mostly due to “over-zealousness” and excessive promotions of its crypto, despite the coin going down. For instance, Sun’s infamous Charity Dinner with Warren Buffett going down, after almost a month of excessive promotions invited a lot of criticism, as the TRON Chief had spent over $4.57 million to secure his place.

Likewise, Sun received criticism from the crypto community recently, when he carried out negative promotions, by comparing Ethereum and Tron Blockchains, stating that the former isn’t capable enough to handle USDT traffic efficiently. Tron’s price has also been at a slump while being stagnant for a long time. Also, the community has often questioned the credibility of the ecosystem, and thus, Sun’s live streaming was a welcome step. He must frequently give relevant info to the community to maintain their trust.

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