Justin Sun Tweets About Safety & Health of Employees Community

Justin Sun, the renowned business personality of the crypto industry and the honorable CEO of the TRON network, has released multiple Tweets assuring the safety and health of his employees amid the Coronavirus pandemic spread in China and around the world. The TRON spearhead has shown active participation as a concerned and responsible global citizen in the ongoing relief operations carried upon against the COVID-19 outbreak in China as well as other major countries of the world.

Through his tweet, Justin confirmed that his firm took all the necessary precautionary measures to protect his global team of 500 members. He stated that all his employees are away from the attack of the disease and are healthy.

In one of his tweets, Justin bragged about the achievements of the TRON network despite the corona pandemic and the economic turmoil that nearly churned the global business and finance. He assured his global customers of security and hassle-free operations by revealing that TRON has hundreds of millions of dollars as a reserve to channelize the funding of the routine as well as the development initiatives. Justin ended his quote saying that together we will surely find out relief from the problems very soon.

With the high infection and death rate, the Coronavirus has posed a serious threat to the world population ever since its outbreak in the early phase of 2020. As the first glimpses of the disease were recorded in Wuhan, China, the country has been one of the biggest sufferers of the critical situation with death tolls reaching an all-time high. However, Corona has badly halted business operations, meetings, seminars, gatherings, conferences, and crypto events all around the world while causing hefty losses to the overall economic community.

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