Tron Founder Justin Sun’s Meets Warren Buffett Over 20th Anniversary Charity Lunch

As the world knows it, the 88 years old Warren Buffett is regarded with high esteem when it comes to investment. Several leaders, companies, and business tycoons look up to him for knowledge nuggets. And if you get to know that such a person invites you over lunch, your excitement levels are bound to fly high like a rocket into the sky. So is the state of Justin Sun, who has got invited by Warren Buffett for a Charity Lunch. It is the 20th Anniversary charity lunch hosted by Warren Buffett.

Justin Sun not only announced his excitement over Twitter, but he also wrote an open letter to share his viewpoint over this opportunity. Yes, of course, he is damn excited, yet the blockchain industry leader’s open letter gave a glimpse of his vision about the blockchain industry as well as of his confidence in himself.

Will the Critic Turn into Appreciator?

Justin Sun not only regards this lunch opportunity as a chance to learn from Warren Buffett, but he also looks at it as an opportunity to open up the potential of the blockchain industry in front of Buffett. As we know that the Berkshire Hathaway’s CEO does not find any “unique value” in the world’s largest crypto – Bitcoin (BTC), it would be interesting how Sun will present his case in front of Buffett. It is not that Buffett is in any way against the blockchain industry, he rather has previously pointed at the potential this technology holds.

The Growth that includes all-

Sun regards this opportunity as a new “era for TRON and BitTorrent.” Yesterday, he posted about this lunch opportunity on Twitter. In the post, he also added that he looks at this chance as a great opportunity for the entire blockchain industry too. Further, in the letter, he mentioned his plans to invite many other blockchain industry leaders who will join him for the charity lunch.  His thinking reflects a growth mindset that is beyond self-centric visions.

In his open letter to Tronics, Sun said-

The long-term value investment strategy and cryptocurrency, in my eyes, are one and the same. We in the community know we have a long road ahead of us to educate the mainstream on blockchain’s value and proper use cases. Rather than trying to get rich quick, we aim to counsel everyone that investment should be about vision and execution.

Why is Justin Sun excited to meet the crypto-critic?

The founder of TRON said that he is open to dialogue with the industry’s critics such as Buffett, who he holds in great regard. In the letter, he humbly mentioned that “the most successful investors of all times could sometimes miss a coming wave.” In the same light, Sun illustrated that Buffett has made not so great investments such as he overpaid for a “big investment food giant Kraft Heinz Co.” On the other hand, the investment giant also didn’t spot the great potential of today’s giants such as- “ Inc., Alphabet, the parent of Google and even Apple,” Sun added.

Finally, Sun pointed at the huge unexplored potential of the blockchain industry, which is yet to be proven. He added-

I have always said we can’t just build a platform for decentralized applications, finance, and other fields — we have to spend as much time building and nurturing a community to support and embrace the idea of blockchain.

Sun is hopeful that with the help of the right communication and understanding, there are chances to change Buffett’s “overall stance” on the crypto industry and the blockchain industry. He also pointed at the fact that even Buffett’s team comprises of young executives who support with the latest knowledge and advice.

Sun thinks like an entrepreneur; he must act with his full capacity on every opportunity. Let us see where 29 years old- Justin Sun’s revolutionary young thinking and 88 years old- Warren Buffett’s long-standing, highly esteemed wisdom and experience will take the blockchain industry.

Roxanne Williams

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