Justin Sun’s Over $7.75 Million Donations To Charity In 2018-19

TRON Foundation is one of the most prominent blockchain projects that the crypto space has right now. Besides, it is always in the news – be it for its projects or interesting opinions shared by its founder Justin Sun. Recently, Tron, along with its founder, successfully created a buzz yet again by announcing a total amount of charity the founder has given through the year 2018-19. The update was shared with the crypto community officially on Twitter on 12th June 2019 by the TRON Foundation.

The tweet says that the Foundation doesn’t look at its charity work as a high-profile promotion. But all the charities that they do comes from a sense of love and responsibility towards society. Continuing further, the Foundation also shared the figures of charity done during the year 2018-19 which amounts to more than 7.75M Dollars. It’s huge.

Out of the total amount, 3 Million Dollars were donated to Binance Charity Foundation (BCF) in October 2018 while a donation of 250,000 dollars was given to the ALS Association in February 2019, as per the Foundation’s blog post on Medium. The recent charity was done by TRON in June 2019 where it donated 4,567,888 dollars to the Glide Foundation.

BCF works towards improving the lives of the ‘Bottom Billion’ people through blockchain technology. On the other hand, The ALS Association is dedicated to the cause of treatment and cure for ALS via global research and advocacy.  Glide works towards breaking the poverty cycle in San Francisco while providing aid to marginalized individuals as well as families.

For those who came in late, Glide is the same cause that is supported by Warren Buffett. As widely know, the veteran American investor, philanthropist, and Wall Street legend auctions off a charity lunch every year, amounts of which goes to support Glide. Interestingly, the 3-hour long lunch date which is in its 20th year this time has been won by Justin Sun.

Justin officially announced it through his Twitter handle on 3rd June 2019.

In order to win this lunch with the titan of investment, Justin had placed a bid of 4,567,888 dollars. He feels that his winning this lunch will benefit the entire blockchain industry. As Justin is allowed to bring a maximum of 7 guests along with him for the charity lunch, he intends to invite several blockchain leaders.

Justin believes it would be amazing to have conversations about crypto and blockchain with Buffett, although, the latter’s critical approach towards digital currencies is not unknown. In fact, Buffett has earlier criticized cryptocurrencies openly, calling it “a Delusion” which doesn’t have any unique value.

But that doesn’t seem to have deterred Justin’s spirits at all. Justin, in a Medium post, stated that Buffett might have been wrong about cryptos, and he is hopeful that he would be able to change Buffett’s mind about the entire industry.

The lunch, traditionally held at New York’s Smith & Wollensky, was auctioned last year for around 3.3M dollars. When it will be held this year and what comes out of it remains to be seen.

Roxanne Williams

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