JustLend DAO’s declaration on USDJ Market’s repayments of bad debts

JustLend DAO, TRON’s DeFi (decentralized finance) platform, made an announcement on 27 May 2023 (Singapore time) about its USDJ market repayment of bad debts. 

JustLend DAO allows its users to earn yields via supplied digital assets, borrow them against collateral, take part in TRX staking, and rent energy. It has a whopping market size of $4,023,056,478, with a total of 15 decentralized token markets supported. JustLend DAO has a total supply of $3.90 billion and total borrowed assets worth $86.35 million that can be earned as yields at any point in time by stakeholders. 

In order to maintain the stable and healthy development of the USDJ market, JustLend DAO has announced its borrowers’ repayment with the available funds on behalf of account owners with bad debt in the USDJ market. There is a total fund available on JustLend DAO worth 173,152.53 USDJ. 

Once the repayments are made, the addresses for the payment provided in the table below will not have any USDJ debts. 

Repayment Addresses 

USDJ Amount Repaid

















Total Funds


All account owners are allowed to use the addresses as usual. JustLend DAO will continue to evaluate the bad debt scenario in different markets to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the overall JustLend DAO platform and propose as many solutions as required to maximize the benefits of the users. 

The JustLend DAO platform has a low-price and flexible Energy Rental from which energy can be obtained at a much cheaper rate than obtained from staking or burning TRX. This reduces the cost of transactions to less than 1 TRX. Note that the self-governed decentralized JustLend DAO system is only led by community members who can contribute to the platform’s proposals and take part in the governance.

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