Jwalt and Yelly’s “Whats The Deal” on Gala Music

Gala Music brings to the world, especially the hip-hop and R&B enthusiasts, Jwalt and Yelly, with their debut track, Whats The Deal. Through this will come its special edition NFT on Gala Music. Jwalt and Kelly possess the typical knack of keeping the audience on their toes and bringing about an exhilarating atmosphere.

Jwalt, who belongs to Oakland, is most famous for his easy and soulful renditions, and teaming up with Kelly makes it a surreal feeling for the connected audience. The song, Whats The Deal, is all about romanticism, reaching to the core of every heart. The accompanying beat and power of the music simply add to the mesmerizing experience.

The song has been recorded in Los Angeles. Once played to an audience, it helps to bring out their softer side, making them feel highly nostalgic regarding their own time and situation.

Jwalt began pursuing his love and passion for music right from the sidewalks of Oakland. As expected from a talent like him, he slowly made his way onto the stage, unleashing one rendition after the other, along with stalwarts in the music space, such as Nas and Common. Not to let it rest there, he began forming associations with ESPN and LRG. These two entities simply cannot stop gushing over his lyrics and their effect on the audience. In their opinion, he is a force to reckon with in the hip-hop space.

He is known to have been nominated for the Grammy and has been dishing out one chart-topping single after another. For the entire music industry, there are plenty of aspirations for him, and he will never let them down. That is what makes Jwalt what he is: a supreme artist in the world of music.

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