Kadena announces the official launch of Swarms.Finance

Kadena recently announced the official launch of Swarms.Finance. The announcement was made on the official Twitter account of Kadena.

According to the tweet, SwarmsFinance is entering the market as a proud grantee of Kadena. Users are invited to participate in the swarm to experience unique DAO possibilities.

Similarly, Swarms.Finance also turned to Twitter to confirm the launch. The platform informed users about the launch being scheduled for 3 p.m. EST on July 13. The launch will allow users to form swarms on Kadena shortly after the launch.

According to the tweet from Swarms.Finance, a bounty program will go along with the DAO. The idea behind the program is to ensure the platform is free of bugs, errors, and vulnerabilities.

Developers partaking in the bounty program can earn 100KDA + NFT in the first place. The platform is offering 10 rewards to developers, and the link to join the program was also shared with the tweet.

Swarms.Finance offers a unique value proposition to users, letting them create DAOs on Kadena. At the same time, users can start managing their assets on the platform. 

Kadena and Swarms.Finance also ran an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session to create awareness about their collaboration. The AMA took place on July 12 at 7 p.m. UTC on a dedicated Twitter space. 

Kadena is an intuitive blockchain solution provider that can change how the world transacts. That is why the platform is reimagining blockchain technology from its roots.

It offers complementary tools and a multi-chain architecture to promote blockchain at unmatched speed and efficiency. Its affiliation with Swarms.Finance is expected to yield quality results for both parties.

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