Kadena Unveils Free BaaS Platform on the Azure Marketplace

Kadena, a promising start-up in the hybrid blockchain solution space, has unveiled an updated version of its enterprise blockchain solution on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Kadena’s blockchain solution titled “Kadena Scalable Permissioned Blockchain” is available now on Azure for free, announced Kadena on 27th August 2019 through an official blog post on Medium. It’s important to note that Kadena had launched their permission blockchain offering on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace back in January.

Kadena’s blockchain edition released on Azure supports up to two thousand TPS (transaction-per-second) and four nodes. In addition, the version will also be supporting trustless escrows, secure channels, contract governance, pluggable encryption, as well as automatic detection of bugs through Formal Verification.

The blog highlights that the set of features it offers is unparalleled compared to other private blockchain offerings on the Azure Marketplace. If this was not enough, Kadena allows clients who want to optimally use the technology to get the full licensed version of its blockchain software. The full version would offer clients over 500 nodes and up to 8,000 tps.

As per the blog, Kadena’s BaaS (blockchain-as-a-service) model facilitates entities to begin utilizing their blockchain through a quick online provision. That reduces not only the cost to a great extent but also the duration it usually takes today to install blockchain solutions on-premises.

What’s more interesting is that Kadena’s solution is the first-of-its-kind on the Azure platform that offers Formal Verification. That means the scalable solution by Kadena will allow entities to transact, as well as share data, efficiently in a decentralized and secure manner. The firm also revealed its present blockchain clients that include USCF Investments, a 3 billion dollar asset manager along with Rymedi, a healthcare tech firm, and Alteum, an eminent technology business of Latin America. The company also divulged that its client list includes Fortune 500 firms and one of the top 100 biggest banks in the world, the name of which it will reveal soon.

Kadena’s Founder & CEO, Will Martino, said that in developing with Microsoft, their firm is dedicated to offering an accessible blockchain platform to businesses of varied size and scale. Continuing further, Martino added that they are thrilled to bring their scalable and secure technology to the Azure consumers as they continue to work with the Azure Marketplace for building blockchain solutions that are cloud-enabled.

The firm’s blockchain platform contains its open-source innovative smart contract language called Pact. The language which is designed for non-tech people and expert developers alike has precautions for avoiding bugs. The Azure edition also offers greater interoperability and security, thanks to its upgraded features, such as native support for the cross-blockchain transactions and formally verified interfaces, per the blog post. These new features are available on the AWS edition of the blockchain as well.

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