Kado launches Archway Ecosystem fiat on-ramp

As the leading Web3 payment provider, Kado facilitates the connection between developers and the Archway Ecosystem, granting its consumers the ability to convert fiat to Arch.

One needs to acquire ARCH to pay transaction fees to interact with the Archway ecosystem. The onboarding process was long and cumbersome for new adopters because of all the hoops that had to be jumped through before today. 

With the ability to convert between fiat and ARCH in a single transaction enabled by Kado, anyone can embark on their Archway journey easily and intuitively. Going on-chain with Kado saves time and money.

ARCH can be obtained by connecting with the app.kado.money. Once the account has been verified, the user must search for Archway conventional USDC and pick the needed amount. Kado accepts debit and credit cards, as well as SEPA, PIX, ACH, and wire transfers. The assets are sent to the user’s Archway wallet, where they begin interacting with the ecosystem’s dApps.

At this time, application developers are presented with the opportunity to integrate Kado into their projects to provide a seamless onboarding experience. All Archway-based applications will be able to integrate with Kado via widget iFrame incorporation and API integration. In addition, there will be a link-out exposure. 

Astrovault, ArchID, Archway.fun, and Archway Connect will be the first dApps to allow users to acquire ARCH by integrating Kado within their applications.

Kado is actively engaged in the development of a payments framework for Web3. Kado offers exclusive fiat-to-cryptocurrency onboarding exposure in over 150 countries globally, enabling users to purchase, trade, and swap with the cryptocurrency.

Archway represents the most streamlined approach to deploying decentralized applications and capitalizing on the resulting network value.

Roxanne Williams

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