Kaidro Universe merges with Ronin Network

Ronin Network has merged with Kaidro, an expansive platform that is essentially saturated with webcomics, games, and animation, among other things.

Kaidro originated as a highly regarded online comic and now offers a substantial multimedia platform for engagement. The production studio Gadget-Bot, which is providing support for the Kaidro IP, will develop the story-driven multiplayer action role-playing game Kaidro.

In contrast, Kaidro is an ancient term that translates to “source bearer.” It is linked to individuals who possess a relic that possesses the ability to bestow vitality from the Astral Realm into the Tal’jor region.

Kaidro originated on the well-known South Korean platform Webtoons as a digital comic. It commences with Kaidro: The Awakening and follows adolescent Ava, a Tal’jor-born mining vessel contractor. Constant visions of Ava’s past concern her, but she comprehends that her mission is to prevent humanity from destroying itself. 

The genres of mecha anime and science fiction inspire Kaidro. An extensive universe of Star Wars, the intricate storytelling of Gundam, and coming-of-age adventures such as Avatar: The Last Bender offer something for everyone.

Since 2021, Ronin has empowered users with digital ownership, connecting them to a world of webcomics, anime, multimedia, and games through partnerships with Kaidro and Gadget-Bot. Their ever-evolving ecosystem recently welcomed the Mavis Store, where players can now purchase in-game items, taking their digital adventures to the next level.

Ronin will be the only platform where the Gadget-Bot team releases its Web3 Kaidro game. A faction armed with mechs fights against strong magical users in the story-driven multiplayer action RPG Kaidro, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic environment.

Players will split into three-player teams of three and compete in PvP, PvE, and larger questing features as they work to complete objectives on maps while fending off opposing teams.

As stated by Peggy Chung and Robert Simons, co-founders of Kaidro, the company has had the good fortune to form partnerships with organizations that share its aspirations for the long term.

Gadget-Bot Productions is providing financial support for Peggy Chung and Robert Simons’ Kaidro universe. It is well-known that the two founders were engaged in various initiatives, including Jurassic World and Transformers.

Trung Nguyen, the chief executive officer of Sky Mavis, asserts that their partnership with Gadget-Bot will prove to be extraordinarily advantageous, given their track record of developing intellectual properties for renowned AAA video games. He believes it is undoubtedly enormously beneficial for both of them.

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