Kalao Introduces the Future of Interactive VR and NFTs to Avalanche

Kalao, a conceptual NFT ecosystem that uses the Avalanche public blockchain to power a low-cost, accessible marketplace, will launch the BETA version for the public in Q4 of 2021. This extension will bring the winning mix of NFT and VR technologies to the real world for cases, allowing Metaverse experiences to reach their full potential.

The Avalanche Foundation invested strategically in Kalao because it will provide a new thought process for the Avalanche Ecosystem.

Key Features of Kalao

Kalao’s architecture provides companies and users with a personalized virtual reality and Metaverse experience and a quick and dependable market. The platform is ideal for real-world applications such as art exhibitions, digital trade, live televised events, and event tickets.

NFT Marketplace

The Kalao Marketplace infrastructure has the backup of the secured Avalanche Blockchain, allowing users to produce, buy, sell, and collect NFTs. The marketplace supports not only C-Chain networks but also the X-Chain, as many users have asked. Users may browse all NFTs available on the Avalanche C-chain by staying with the marketplace since Kalao aggregates all NFTs available.

Gallery VR

Kalao’s gallery provides a 3D approach to view NFTs with or without a VR headset. Users can create a virtual gallery and personalize the 3D space to their liking, including wall hanging of NFTs and playing NFT tunes to visitors. The multiplayer mode will be available in the gallery, opening doors to the gaming sector, digital art, live concert broadcasts, and more.

Metaverse Experience

The Metaverse feature allows users to enter Kalao’s “Citadel,” where they may participate in complete Metaverse adventures. Users can purchase or rent virtual land to promote their company or watch a live performance.

About Kalao

Kalao is a complete NFT ecosystem that combines Avalanche blockchain with excellent Kalao VR features to create a cost-effective and simple-to-use marketplace. The framework of this ecosystem will hasten the adoption of virtual reality technology to create virtual worlds and the long-term digital transformation of commercial applications.

About Avalanche

Avalanche is an innovative contract platform in the blockchain industry regarding time-to-finality and carries a Validator of proof-of-stake protocol ensuring its activities. Avalanche is lightning quick, cheap, and environmentally friendly. On Avalanche, any innovative contract-enabled application may outperform its competitors.

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