Kambria Inks Collaboration with Data Application Lab (DAL)

The blockchain based open innovation platform Kambria has announced their collaboration with Data Application Lab, DAL through a tweet on 29th April.

DAL is a leading education and data science consulting company; they specialize in the field of data science enterprise solution and big data. They help their customers to get insight into big data sets and improve their performances. They also help them to focus on their goals.

DAL is graded among the top Data camps of the US. The training program of DAL is solely focused on achievements and results. Their curriculum is designed to support the career goals of their students and thereby narrowing down the knowledge gaps.

DAL has a strong team of engineers and analyst hailing from diverse background to provide innovative ideas and solutions to their clients.

The partnership will allow both the companies to work together in the field of AI and Robotics for major Chinese universities. They will combine their area of expertise to provide a high end set of courses and training to the colleges of China and the world.

The CEO of DAL, Jason Geng has told the partnership will bridge the breach between academics and business. The expertise of both companies will bring a brand-new education solution to the higher educational institutions of China. The student will get an opportunity to perform industry level research on their college campus.

The CEO of Kambria, Thuc Vu has told they are happy about the partnership with DAL and are excited to connect at the academic and technological level. He also said they are looking forward to bring fully equipped robotics lab for the students of China and are creating roadmaps for robotics and AI for the future.

The United States-based platform Kambria is the decentralized open, innovative platform dedicated to the progress and implementation of advanced robotics technologies. They are primarily focused on AI and Robotics and has a fully equipped robotics lab, OhmniLabs.

The digital currency platform Kambria offers Kambria Tokens to its customers. This token can be used by the companies to issue reward challenges and are awarded when a project is completed. The tokens are awarded to the developers for their contribution of design or codes.

Back in 2018, Kambria went into partnership with Qrypto Queens, a company dedicated to encourage women to invest in the digital currencies. Kambria is committed to support this predominantly woman leadership team in the blockchain realm. Because of this partnership, more women can take benefit of the Kambria platform.

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