Kambria—Three Points Roadmap for 2020

Kambria’s action plan for 2020 proposes a three-pointer program to be achieved in the forthcoming year. Kambria is a decentralized open innovation platform established by Kambria International (KI) to develop innovations in Robotic Technology.

While beholding the future roadmap, Kambria holds an all-inclusive approach to create and nurture an ecosystem that includes the integration of its associates to be part of its inventive program.

In Continuation with the pre-planned vision, Kambria visualizes a profound plan focusing mainly on the three aspects. The entire perspective is to achieve the three goals:

1) To build a robust token economy

2) Build a strong developer community

3) Generate a real-world revenue streams

How will the Robust token economy be Built?

Kambria wants to build a robust token economy, which requires to create a high demand for its KAT token. To generate this demand, KAT token will extensively be used for every possible operation on the platform.

All the functions like issuing the bounties, licensing fees will be paid in Kat, membership fees will also be paid in KAT. To accelerate the payments in KAT, the company proposes a fiat gateway to make the purchase process easier. The KAT tokens will also be recollected back on exchange to facilitate the customers and associate corporations.

Apart from these actions, Kambria will focus on decreasing the token velocity by offering to stake KAT on some future sustainable projects of Kambria. The company also intends to provide incentives to win badges and extra affiliation benefits. It will further be involved in revenue sharing with the community and will reward the contributors with Karma.

How will the developer community be built?

Kambria intends to build an exclusive network of community developers to run its future programs. It will thus focus on absorbing the new talent through educational programs and by organizing a series of hackathons. The company will motivate the developers to join their projects by offering them rewards, which will accelerate to add their inputs in the ongoing projects.

A worldwide network for physical research and developments will be created as part of forming a collaborative environment for developers. A hub will be established in Silicon Valley, Vietnam, India, and in other countries, which will have a conglomeration of technical expertise, including the industries and academia under one umbrella.

How will real-world revenue streams be generated?

This step will include community service, developing a licensing program, opening innovation as a service (OIAAS) and creating a market for new products and technology. This strategy will help to generate revenue sources in the real world.

The ongoing Projects

The Kambria pilots several new projects with its mission to develop advance yet cheaper, faster, and easy to use robotic technology adaptable for masses. AI Alliance, K-prize Bounty Challenges, A Hackathon Series are few of its projects launched under the open Innovation Hub program as part of the mission.

More about Kambria

Kambria is the decentralized pioneer platform for innovations in AI and Robotic technology. Under this openly accessible platform, anyone can get associated with it to contribute to research, development, or commercialization of innovative ideas. The company offers fair rewards to significant contributors.

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