Kana Labs gets membership in Japanese Crypto Asset Blockchain Association

Kana Labs takes a great amount of pleasure in coming out with its official declaration that it has attained membership in the Japanese Crypto Asset Blockchain Association (JCBA). It is the 30th company to do so. In the case of JCBA, it is a coalition that consists of multiple business houses that are actively engaged in public blockchains, along with Web3 technology. Some of the companies are situated in Japan itself or have a presence in the Japanese market. The coalition was officially established in 2016 with the mission to enhance crypto, as well as Web3-oriented experiences for enterprises in Japan. 

JCBA helps to pool the expertise related to technology, taxation, accounting, law, and human resources that come through its members belonging to Japan and beyond. The coalition is actively engaged in the development of human resources for carrying out all sorts of intense research. It is also instrumental in putting together policy proposals and engages in work related to lobbying to bring these proposals to life. As a result, sustainable development receives a thrust and plays its part in the building of a robust business landscape. 

Besides Kana Labs, there are other prime members like Tron, Bitbank, BitPoint, Binance, and many other influential names. Having gained membership, Kana Labs has the jurisdiction to put together blockchain-oriented policies in Japan. In this regard, the Head of APAC and Marketing of Kana Labs, Aric Kim, has proved himself to be a significant contributor to furthering JCBA’s operations in Korea and Japan. Due to this, he will be designated to become the official spokesperson of JCBA. In the words of Kim, he looks upon this as an opportunity to make further connections in Japan itself, as well as in Asia and the Western world.

David Cox

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