Karatbars Launches First-Ever Blockchain-Based Laptop

With the fast-moving technological world, there comes an underlying pressure on the enterprises to outshine from their competitors by excelling out in developments and advancements.

Blockchain technology has been welcomed by the financial world as a revolutionary mechanism which not just eases the payments network working but also ensures a user-friendly pedagogy fostering to bring the world economy a bit closer.

Recently, Germany-based firm, Karatbars has grabbed the attention of the blockchain enthusiasts after announcing its highly anticipated project, Whim k1, the world’s first blockchain-centered laptop. The user-friendly machine comes with an array of features which are bound to make it a ravishing success in the near future.

Apart from the high-tech inbuilt features, the blockchain laptop boasts of a stunning appearance too. The golden-colored metal body of the laptop will surely be an eye-catching feature for many users.

Whim k1 operates through VOBP or Voice Over Blockchain Protocol clubbed with the world’s first VOB (Voice Over Blockchain) Smartphone. The laptop comes with a physical encryption key for convenient use. The flexible, sleek, and handy body of the laptop make it easy for the users to carry it, store it, and work upon it at any place of their choice. The exciting 180-degrees bending feature of the laptop keeps it in sync with the cool-o-convenient trend of the present society.

The blockchain laptop offers you a choice in opting for the operating system to work upon. The users can use Windows as well as Karatbars Operating System depending upon their convenience.

Cryptocurrency investors will find the Whim Laptop as their best companion owing to the multiple facilities it will offer to them. The laptop offers crypto wallet manager, trading apps, blockchain apps, NFC transfer apps, etc.

Just like any other electronic gadget, the heart of Whim k1 is the mini screen on top of its exterior body which serves as a Point-of-Sale solution. It helps in scanning bar codes which is undoubtedly a unique feature for a laptop. There is also a fingerprint sensor on the laptop which ensures security and reliability.

As the laptop runs on the blockchain platform, there can never be a situation when the machine will run out of space. The users can enjoy unlimited storage which makes it a perfect choice for people who manage their business operations on laptops. Also, the users can instantly sync their K1 VOB phones with the laptop.

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