KardiaChain Adds New Privacy Layer With IncognitoChain Support

Users can access the shielding feature for their assets on Kardashian from June 21. The network has signed a formal partnership with IncognitoChain to add an extra layer of privacy. Now, KAI transactions can be executed with top-notch confidentiality on the Kardia network.

Blockchain technology has posted significant growth recently, especially in areas like “Internet of Things (IoT), identity management, governance, web-decentralization, and asset-tracking.” However, there is a visible gap regarding the real-world deployment of decentralization despite the impressive points on paper.

After extensive research on the current uses of the technology, KardiaChain has come up with a list of reasons for this gap. As per the report, the issue primarily falls under three categories: Interoperability, Scalability, and Developability. The Kardia network is specifically engineered to address these issues.

Firstly, the Dual Master node structure allows the network to assemble data from the native and connected networks without any required modifications. This structure is commendable for its non-invasive approach compared to other layer-0 networks like Polkadot or Cosmos.

In addition, the network employs a 3-dimensional scaling solution that stresses “Transaction routing and Function scaling.” The developability part of the issue is taken care of by the Kardia Smart contract Markup Language (KSML). This solution can facilitate mutual understanding between the smart contracts of two different networks.

With the recent IncognitoChain partnership, KardiaChain will add a new privacy layer to its collection. The layer will particularly help KAIDEX users by allowing them to trade anonymously. And what’s more, the anonymous trading is not limited to the KardiaChain alone, as users can connect to several popular dApps, including pCurve and pUniswap.

Incognito is a community that has extended its branch globally and is hoping to protect the data surveillance culture. They have built privacy-first blockchain-based financial solutions that can be used in cryptocurrency networks. Instead of creating a new privacy-based token, Incognito seeks to help users access their favorite with their best-in-class solutions.

Given the scale of their vision and goal, this partnership with IncognitoChain is nothing less than a major milestone in the journey of the Kardia Network.

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