KardiaChain announces partnership with PAID Network

Announcing its association with the PAID Network, the KardiaChain network has revealed that this collaboration will bring a whole host of benefits to the stakeholders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain domain. PAID Network is a well-known decentralized app (DApp) that has made a mark for itself in the SMART agreement segment.

The network’s focus is to make business agreements more efficient, and with this new association, the network will integrate its smart contract on the KardiaChain. As a result, the network is expected to harness the prowess of KAI (the native token of the KardiaChain network) that, in turn, can prove instrumental in transforming the conventional practices of the financial industry.

The growing relevance of the decentralized finance (DeFi) is very much evident today. Not only in the blockchain domain but also in cutting across the industries, DeFi is being openly embraced, and in the process, the relevance of blockchain technology is also becoming eminent.

Through the use of smart contracts, business agreements can be stored, secured, and executed in a perfectly transparent manner. At any point in time, stakeholders involved in the process can trace transactions involved in the process. This advantage has become even more convenient with the launch of KardiaChain Mainnet, which is one of the most widely used blockchains in the business today. The open ledger is fully decentralized, and its interoperability further extends its usability and reach among businesses. Other prominent virtues behind the popularity of KardiaChain Mainnet include an almost zero-fee, powerful and fast performance with up to 6000 transactions per second and enhanced security. In addition, the vast exposure that KAI will also come in handy for the PAID network.

According to cryptocurrency and blockchain experts, this association is yet another significant step in commercializing blockchain technology in an enterprise system. The partnership has brought a lot of excitement to both companies and the entire ecosystem of the blockchain. In the coming months, the integration of the technology will start, and information on the kind of features and performance will ultimately be out in the public domain. In sum, the partnership is important and has the potential to change the fortunes of the DeFi segment by extending its reach among a wider range of users and organizations.

Trevor Holman

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