Kardiachain & Knit Finance to Unify Next-Gen Blockchain

KardiaChain recently announced that the blockchain network would be entering a strategic partnership with Knit Finance. KardiaChain believes in scalability and interoperability, aiming to expand its blockchain proceedings. Joining hands with a prominent cross-chain venture such as Knit Finance will help the network achieve its objective.

The network intends to bridge the DeFi gap between different blockchains and develop a strong foundation in the Indian market for a streamlined blockchain future. KardiaChain currently has a pending patent for its Dual Node technology, which is expected to revolutionize the sector.

The platform also launched KAIDEX to make multi-chain interactions more efficient and accessible. KAIDEX opens the doors for numerous global prospects, helping developers build esteemed projects. By delivering such products on different fronts, KardiaChain is helping the industry grow as a whole.

Knit Finance is a well-known decentralized protocol that merges synthetics across different chains. Knit Finance’s proceedings work in sync with KardiaChain, so a partnership between the two appears natural.

Their partnership will see KardiaChain’s native token being integrated into Knit Finance’s cross-chain asset platform. After the integration, only a selected few assets can be built on the KRC20 network. These assets can be wrapped through Knit’s multi-chain platform, resulting in optimal yield farming and liquidity for KRC20 pools.

Resultantly, the KardiaChain ecosystem will establish new market connections. Polygon, NULS, Moonbeam, Binance Smart Chain, HCO, etc., are some of the names KardiaChain will form ties with. It will help them enter the cross-chain realm with minimal fees. The network is delighted to join the partnership and expects to deliver true value through the integration.

Knit Finance allows any lockable, digital assets to be leveraged by developing equal tokens in a 1 to 1 ratio. The Polkadot-based protocol is known for combining bridges, multiple chains, and markets with margin, yield, and trading services via smart contracts. Using the platform opens limitless trading opportunities for any blockchain-based venture. With both parties establishing a market prestige, the partnership is expected to yield quality results for the industry.


KardiaChain and Knit Finance are entering a strategic partnership, which will see the platforms working on the next-gen blockchain unification. Through the partnership, KardiaChain’s native token will be integrated into Knit’s multi-chain platform. It will also help KardiaChain establish market connections in the Indian region. The community seems excited about the partnership as it will lead to some esteemed modifications in the market.

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