KardiaChain partners with Vibranium Audits & revolutionizes dApp

KardiaChain happens to be extremely pleased to make their announcement officially of having formed a strategic partnership with Vibranium Audits. This very entity happens to be a very well-known provider of advanced security and compliance solutions. Through this well-formed partnership, it will be made possible for all of the decentralized applications (dApps) that have been created on KardiaChain, to be handed over to Vibranium Audits for carrying out auditing.

Furthermore, they will also be receiving a discount of 15%. This will also lay down a further aspect related to cybersecurity in order to make absolutely certain all factors concerning user data and assets are in their rightful place.

Where Vibranium Audits is concerned, it happens to have its total focus on providing the opportunity to connected organizations to be able to deal with all kinds of blockchain, smart contracts, and also dApp technology in a safe and secure way. Its main aim and intention are to create a paradigm shift in the ways and means of the functioning of businesses so that they are also able to maximize their own capabilities. This is duly achieved with the implementation of correct methods being adopted.

However, as per the Rekt database, a huge loss of $1.2 billion worth of decentralized assets was suffered in the first quarter of 2022. Furthermore, this shows the urgent need to partner with Vibranium Audits so that their team of experts can conduct thorough audits and develop the overall security strategy to reduce the risk of data breaches for dApps on KardiaChain.

The entity also happens to be providing a rounded method for companies to be able to comfortably cross over all of the hurdles they face in the arena of smart contracts, as well as blockchain. It happens to be its high-lighting capabilities in the areas of safety, dependability, and clarity that have made it the absolute master in tackling every kind of situation, adverse or otherwise, where blockchain technology is concerned. It has, to its credit, five years of hard-core exposure and an audit count of more than a hundred projects.

This newly formed partnership will witness KardiaChain to be the most sought-after blockchain platform where developers of Southeast Asia are concerned. In their opinion, all of the advanced safety and security-related features provided by Vibranium Audits will automatically see a whole lot of developers simply moving their way toward the KardiaChain, thus increasing ten-fold its overall popularity.

In the case of Vibranium audits, its entire aim and intention are to help companies correctly adopt the blockchain, smart contracts, and dApp technology through the utilization of rounded audits.

The team in the office thoroughly goes through all aspects related to the safety and functionality of the methods adopted by the companies and then charts a path for them to be able to effectively identify areas of risk and deal with them accordingly.


The ultimate goal lies in the fact that the companies they come in contact with have a greater understanding and appreciation of the blockchain and smart contract ecosystem. KardiaChain, on the other hand, boasts of having over half a million connected users. In Southeast Asia, it has actually been able to make its mark. Its goal is to introduce products that will be successful in adding to the list of Web3 and blockchain technology users.

Scott Cook

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