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KardiaChain to Lead VECOM’s Blockchain unit

KardiaChain, a renowned Blockchain-based enterprise, is now a part of the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM), the biggest and most famous association of organizations, businesses, and individuals from the industry of e-commerce and e-commerce applications in Vietnam. Founded in 2007 with permission from the Ministry of Domestic Affairs of Vietnam, VECOM comprises over 480 member organizations. Some of VECOM’s significant members are Mat Bao, Im Group, Vinalink, Haravan, Sapo, Tiki, Viettel, BSH, and VNpost.

The association between KardiaChain and VECOM shall champion the development of Blockchain technology for the advancement of four chief e-commerce business use cases; those are management of loyalty points, DID, crowd-sourcing, and traceability. The heads of VECOM are anticipating a steep inclination in the curve of Blockchain technology adoption by 2020-2025. It is the principal vision of VECOM to empower Vietnam as a Blockchain country and lay the foundation of a Blockchain-based Business Gateway and Expert Hub in Vietnam that shall operate across the globe. VECOM had invited KardiaChain to be the prominent unit of Blockchain technology of the association. The recent association and key vision were announced at the VECOM Summit conference that was held a few days ago at Nha Trang City.

The association between VECOM and KardiaChain shall bring about immense digital transformation for more than 500,000 businesses across Vietnam. There shall be a mass implementation of peer-to-peer Blockchain technology in the e-commerce and logistics sectors. Hundreds of workshops, events, and seminars shall be organized for the development of Blockchain-based infrastructure that will enable the enterprises in the industry to adopt the advanced and decentralized Blockchain technology. The association between KardiaChain and VECOM will also spearhead the formation of a Blockchain-based community that will co-host the famous Blockchain Hackathon 2021: Dapp Contest competition in Vietnam.

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