KarusChain Secures ‘The Bitcoin Man’ as Lead Investor and Advisor

Herbert Sim (a.k.a. The Bitcoin Man) joins precious metals blockchain – Karuschain as its newest high-profile investor and key advisor

GIBRALTAR, December 3rd, 2019 – Blockchain technology platform for the precious metals mining industry, Karuschain, announced today that Herbert R. Sim, commonly known as “The Bitcoin Man,” will be joining its team as an investor and advisor.

This news comes as a follow-up from Karuschain’s previous announcement of a delay in its IEO launch earlier this month after the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai due to a high profile global blockchain investor coming on board and supporting Karuschain in its global ambitions.

CEO of Karuschain, Richard Verkley says, “At Karuschain we pride ourselves on working with the best. It’s how we’ve created a world-class blockchain implementation company, with a moral compass for the mining industry, with an incredible real-world valuable asset. This has been achieved quickly through partnering with the best of the best in the industry like MineRP, JPMC Mining Consulting and now by bringing Herbert aboard.”KarusChain

“We are pleased to have “The Bitcoin Man” himself coming in as a lead investor, and simultaneously as a key advisor. His years of experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry will prove invaluable to Karuschain’s global ambitions and help bring focus and a gateway to Asia, the world’s largest gold market, creating tremendous value for both the company and investors alike.”

“Karuschain’s blockchain project is unlike the thousands of others in the industry I have seen thus far,” said Herbert Sim, “The project brings together a complete supply chain solution for the precious metals mining industry utilizing blockchain technology. It gives mining companies a powerful tool to safeguard human rights, at the same time, reduce risks and improve environmental regulations in their supply chain.”

Sim continued, “Karuschain has a very sophisticated approach to tokenizing the mechanics of compliance within the entire mining supply chain. I think this approach delivers large quantities of value as an investment opportunity. Not only does it push the global industry of precious metals mining as a whole to improve, ethically, environmentally and efficiently, but it directly links the token value to those improvements that governments, regulators and consumers alike are demanding.”

Herbert Sim is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor, digital illustrator, and writer, commonly known as “The Bitcoin Man.” Herbert Sim is the founder of Crypto Chain University – world’s first repository for blockchain and cryptocurrency research papers established in 2010; also the founder of TheBitcoinMan.com founded in 2016, which houses the list of companies that Sim invested into.

Sim was formerly Chief Marketing Officer at Cryptology.com, Global Operations Director at Huobi, and contributing writer to Forbes and Huffington Post. Sim is also among the handful of verified “blue tick” public figures across the top social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) in the blockchain industry by the handle of @HerbertRsim.

About Karuschain

Karuschain is a blockchain-powered platform for the precious metals mining industry, giving mining companies a powerful tool to safeguard human rights, reduce risks, and improve environmental regulations in their supply chain. 

For more information head to https://karuschain.com

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