Kassandra Teams Up with Yield Yak for Auto Compounding

Kassandra Investment Fund’s next venture is to explore the all-new auto compounding feature. This will help investments in all tokens to use yield farming and auto compounding for better rewards. Kassandra has signed a partnership with Yield Yak, which will enable convenient investments with the compound interest feature. This new venture is expected to open new avenues for the crypto industry.

Kassandra is one of the few decentralized anonymous organizations that has brought investment infrastructure to the tokenized economy. However, traditional investment infrastructures are not comparable to the data-driven features and tools of this tokenized investment platform. Transparency, decentralization, and active returns are listed as the goals of this platform. 

Kassandra has announced a new partnership with Yield Yak to use its leveraging abilities on investments.

Yield Yak is a platform that facilitates yield farming for your investments. The DeFi tools offered on this platform help bring the best possible prices and profits for your tokens. The APIs on Yield Yak fully automate this investment platform lessening the possibilities of mistakes. Also, you can access the swap feature on Yield Yak for absolutely zero aggregator fees. Thanks to the new partnership, investors will be able to access all these features on Kassandra Finance now. However, it is currently limited only to the Kassandra TriCrypto Index.

The TriCrypto Index was launched after the successful adoption of the Avalanche Social Index. This index has the ability to automatically choose the best project in the crypto ecosystem. The TriCrypto Index is an attempt to bring this feature to the next level. Thanks to what is called a “conservative approach,” this will limit its representation to only three tokens, namely BTC, ETH, and USD for yield farming and auto-compounding. Aside from stable coins, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two less volatile coins in the market. In that sense, the new index will form an investment portfolio with the safest digital assets in the market. The index will bring more stability to the portfolio by holding a significant portion of the investment in stablecoins. As per statements, the TriCrypto Index will adhere to the ARC 20 standard.

Apart from providing stability, stablecoins offer the best chance as far as yield farming is concerned. So, when there is a greater return in your stablecoin holding, it will automatically be invested in BTC and ETH. Moreover, your principle and profits will be constantly rebalanced using APIs and other advanced DeFi tools. This integration with Yield Yak will be a huge step for Kassandra’s portfolio management. Based on the reception for this TriCrypto Index, Kassandra will decide to introduce Yield Yak in future projects as well.

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