Kate Winslet Latest in the List of Celebrities Used for Crypto Frauds, Lashes Out at Scammers

Acclaimed British actress Kate Winslet has become yet another celebrity victim of crypto frauds, as her image was maliciously used, outside her knowledge to promote a crypto trading platform. While she has lashed out at the scammers as soon as her team learned about the scam, the damage it does to the general investors is considerable.

Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins, are the most volatile, yet high returning investment assets, and are the central part of several rags to riches stories. However, the darker side of crypto has caused losses amounting to billions of dollars to the general public. Scam, hacks, cyber-attacks, cheats, etc., crypto crimes seem to grow by the day, and using false celebrity imagery to lure buyers is one of the most implemented scam tricks. As per a recent report by nobl Insurance, almost 90% of the crypto industry in the US is vulnerable to crypto fraud, due to various factors, one of which is lack of awareness and crypto understanding among the laymen.

In Winslet’s case, a fabricated BBC post was being circulated, which depicts her asking people to invest £300 in an auto-trading cryptocurrency platform called Bitcoin Code. The morphed picture claimed the actor stating she gains from “wealth loophole.” The Titanic actress was informed about the scam by a leading English daily, following which she expressed shock and disgust.

Winslet’s team immediately condemned the act and have stated that the actress will be filing a suit against the perpetrators. The fake story depicting the actress goes on to state,

Right now my No1 money-maker is a new cryptocurrency auto-trading program called Bitcoin Code. It’s the single biggest opportunity I’ve seen in an entire lifetime to build a small fortune fast.

Crypto criminals have plagued the market severely in the last few years and using false depictions have become a common norm. There have been instances when scammers have used morphed pictures and name of market influencers like John McAfee claiming to giveaway 100 Bitcoins if the users send them five.

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